Golden Week

Golden Week has come to a close. This year, Golden Week fell between April 29th and May 5th, however, since the week is made up of individual holidays, not everyone got April 30th off. My school took this day off, but Emi’s company did not. This is probably the biggest holiday in Japan, most businesses close, and the expressways, trains, and airports are jammed up with people leaving town.

I spent the first day with Emi, the second day by myself doing geek stuff (because Emi had to work) two days sailing (more on this in a coming post) and the last three at Emi’s parent’s house. During this time, my iPhone’s blog software managed to lock up in a way that prevented me from posting, and I haven’t been able to get it working. The down side to this is that my photos are all locked up inside the device. So Photos will be forthcoming.

While at Emi’s parent’s house, we went on some fun hikes and explored her home town which was having it’s annual pottery sale. The town was founded long ago, back when the area was ruled by the Saga Clan, as a ceramics production area. Since then, they have produced beautiful plates, dishes, cups, bowels, and tiles with intricate artwork on them. Every year they hold a sale and people flock to the town get a good deal on well made pottery.

The last day of Golden Week was very warm, in fact, the news reported that it was the first tropical day of the year, one day earlier than last year, and that was 12 days earlier than they year before. The temperature and humidity climbed drastically, and being outside has become slightly uncomfortable. The tropical season is marked by lots of rain and really hot and humid weather rolling into the sumer. I’m not looking forward to it.
Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that I’m alright and doing fine.


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