Day 9

Today was back to the usual grind. We’ve started a new chapter which covers adjectives. Our first assignment is to memorize 50 of them for tomorrow (yeah right). I know about 15 of them already, which isn’t that much of a help.

Our two teachers today were not my favorites because they both have a habit of speaking too fast and not giving us enough time. They also seem to confuse us more than the other teachers. For example, our teacher told us that she was going to play a tape and to write in our workbooks. In the past, we transcribed the short sentences on the tape into our workbooks. The other teachers have been kind enough to repeat the tape at the end of each sentence so that we can make sure that we did it correctly, or in my case, so I can catch the second half of the sentence. Today, however this didn’t happen, and I tried frantically to keep up. It later transpired that our teacher had intended for us to write the answers to the questions on the tape, not the questions themselves. Oops

Today we had our first tardy students and a welcome absence. The importance of a tardy depend on one’s visa status. For those with student visas who may want extend, the government looks at the number of absences as part of their decision to approve the extension, and they (rather strictly) count tardies as abstinences. For those who don’t wish to extend, or those with a different visa, the only motivation is a school award for perfect attendance. As for myself, I don’t plan to extend, but I’m happy to get the attendance award. Meanwhile, the absence of the aforementioned student who answers every question was quite nice. The classes seemed much more interactive with his absence. I have to admit I thought that he’d be the last person to be absent.

I’ve got a little more homework to do, so I’ll finish up this post here. More news as I have it. Thanks to everyone posting comments. I really look forward to reading what you have to say.


2 Responses to “Day 9”

  1. Lisa Says:

    So, are you only taking reading/writing and speaking japanese?

    I had to take other non-language related stuff when I was there. Which, is of course, how I ended up in Buddhist Art History and Ceramics. 🙂 Liberal arts at heart. Which explains my comp sci degree, my master in science and my stupid quest for a JD. Yeah.

    Okay.. back to crim pro studying, which is tomorrow night. *sigh* Can you say, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th amendment?

  2. Noah Says:

    OK, I’m all caught up on your blog now. I must say you need more nature pictures. I request that you visit some overly aggressive deer in Nara or anything where monkeys live there. And don’t just go out and take some pictures of Mt. Fuji, that’s a cop-out.

    I will also accept pictures of weird Japanese food.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

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