Whoa-oh! I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien.

Maybe I’m not an Englishman in New York, but I am an American in Japan. Today I filled out my paperwork for my Resident Alien Card. Amazingly, the paperwork only took 15 minutes, though I will still have to wait 3 weeks until I can pick up my card. The process didn’t go without a hitch, however, I first went to the Fukuoka Prefecture Offices where I was told that I needed to go to my local ward office to register. I was worried that they wouldn’t see me at 4:45pm, but they did.

The reason that I got such a late start on the process is that I had to take my placement test today. I was a little worried about the test, but not too worried, I don’t think it’s possible for them to toss me out of the country for not knowing enough Japanese at this point. The test was followed by a short interview. I guess it was meant to decide how good my listening and speaking abilities were, as well as double check any mistakes I might have made. I think it was clear to everyone that I’m a complete beginner with only the thinnest veneer of vocabulary.

At least I got what I wanted, classes start for me at 9am and run until 1pm. I was worried that I would have an afternoon class which would allow me to be totally lazy in the mornings.


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