It’s a strange feeling to pack up everything in your apartment.  The feeling is a little stranger when you are putting everything into storage so that you can move to another country.  I find myself stuck between sorting through the five years of junk I’ve accumulated and facing the uncompleted projects, knowing that there are only a few I can get done before I leave in 10 days.

I’ve packed a box of stuff I want to take with me.  The box is way too big.  How do you pack for a year?  According to the airline, I’m limited to two bags at 50 lbs each, for a total of 100 lbs*.  Not that it matters, I don’t think that I’ll have room for that much stuff in the apartment.  I wish I had a scale.  If I did, I’d know how close I already am, and if I can add more, or if it’s time to cut back.

The mountain of boxes is growing out of control.  Before today I figured that a 5×5 storage bin would be enough space, now I’m not so sure.  It might work…  I hate having to worry about this stuff.  Meanwhile, I’m about 80% packed.  Of course the last 20% is the worst; everything is either necessary for daily life, or requires sorting.  I’ve taken to dumping whole shelves into boxes.  It will be hell sorting later, but at least I will have time in the future.  Of course, I try to avoid this as much as possible because otherwise it will be really hard to find stuff when I’m unpacking.  I can see it now:  Where is the wireless print server?  Oh!  Of course, with the CD collection!  That makes sense.

I have a few projects I’m trying to rush through.  I gave up repairing my multimeter, that one will have to wait, but I am working on getting my new laptop running.  I guess if you are not a geek, you only have to pack in the physical world, but if you are switching to another computer, suddenly you have to think about the data you want to bring with you.  Will it be enough to only bring some of it?  What if I need other bits?  Maybe I should bring the hard disk from my desktop…

The laptop project has taken way too much time.  The good news is that it now runs Ubuntu (Linux), Mac OS Snow Leopard, and Windows 7.  I (just now) finally ironed out what was going wrong with Windows 7, so my project is now at an end.  That only took two weeks!!!  In the end it turned out to be a problem with the partition type.  Doh!  That was a whole week spent on just that problem!  With this done I can concentrate on getting my data squared away.

Oh well, it’s nearly midnight, so it’s time to go to bed.  I plan on making regular updates, so stay tuned.

*It’s more complex than this, I can actually go up to 140 lbs for an additional $100, at $50 per bag over 50lbs.  There are also limits on the dimensions of the bags, but I’m not too worried about these.


One Response to “Packing”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Ah come on.. I packed for 6 months in Japan. You’ll survive. 🙂

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