Last night, after a trip to the Big Budda on a remote island in Hong Kong, my cold adled brain caused me to fumble my camera and drop it.
I was pleasently surprised to discover that I had not cracked the screen. No, the full force of the impact seems to have been taken by the lense assembly. Now it looks as though I could take a pretty good picture 45 degrees off center, but I’m guessing that I’m not so lucky. 😉
Yep, that’s the end of my $300 dollar camera. I guess I’ll have to explore repair options when I get back, but chances are it’s a complete loss.
Since I’m in Hong Kong, land of the cheap electronics, I’ll spend some time tomorrow shopping for a replacement.
I’m just glad this happend two days from the end of the trip, not two days from the beginning. Besides, the most important thing, the images, escaped without damage, so I’ll still be able to post them when I get back.


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