Macau, because it’s there.

We went to Macau today. Probably you are wondering where Macau is. It’s not exactly a big country, and like Taiwan, and Hong Kong, it enjoys a little bit of the blind eye from China.
Macau is basically the Las Vegas of Asia. It is full of casinos and not much else. I’m not into gambeling, so you can bet that I was seeing the “not much else”.
Macau was a colony set up by the Portugese to be their East Asian shipping hub. All of the gold that they collected flowed through Macau and then on to Portugal. (If I’m remembering my history right.) So back in th 1600’s, Macau was a pretty important place.
To get to Macau from Hong Kong, you have several options, including heilicopter, but for those with a budget, the ferry is the way to go, it takes only 50 minutes. This makes it a good day trip from Hong Kong.
If you get up early, you can probably see enough of Macau in a single day, unless you go to the casino, in which you could spend all night.
In my case, I’ve been suffering from a cold for the past two days, so I slept in. The down side to this is that I only spent a half day there, and really only say two historical sights. I guess I’ll have to go back.
Now the problem with express ferries is that they are not exactly stable in rough weather. For example, as I type this, the catamaran we are traveling on is catching air off the waves and rocking side to side in a very uncomfortable way. This is a true test of my sailing experience.
It’s not a pretty sight, people are retching and the attendent is going around with little baggies incase anyone wants to refill.
As for myself, although I’m kind of full with steamed milk and some new kind of beef jerky, my stomich seems to be holding. Now if this had been two nights ago after too much dim sum and some really aweful honey tea, it would be a completely different story.


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