90% packet loss!?!

I’ve been staying in the scary hostel in Hong Kong for a few days now, and I have to say that the reviews were spot on. The building is a little scarry, but once you get to your room, it feels secure. The room itself is small, but the bed is large enough, and there is a in room bathroom. The overall size is 7X8 feet. It’s still larger that a birth on a sailboat.
For those of you wondering about the lack of updates, boy do I have a story for you. When I booked this place online, they said that there was in room wifi. Well, it turns out that there is no wifi at all, but each room has a network jack. So I started wondering if it was possible to build an adaptor for my phone. Not on the trip, but in general, because I’ve had this problem in other places. Well, I’m in Hong Kong, land of cheap computer equipment, I thought, I wonder what a wireless access point sells for.
$175 HKD, or $22 USD. That’s pretty cheap. I chose a smaller portable unit for $250 HKD, but haggeled down to $225, about $29 USD.
So I took my new ethernet to wifi adaptor back to my place and set it up. The good news is that it was simple to get working. The bad news is that when I try to ping (test the network) I get 90% packet loss. This makes it basically impossible to send email, as 90% of the message doesn’t make it to the server and has to be resent. There is no way I can upload pictures like this. In fact, I can only send short emails. Grrr. I’d like to see what the network looks like here, but my guess is that it would make me cry. I’ll bet someone has created a loop in the system somewhere, but that no one is actively managing the network, so the problem remains unresolved.
I’ll try to get more posts uploaded soon.


3 Responses to “90% packet loss!?!”

  1. Kakes Hishida Says:

    Absolutely amazing Michael – your blog in general, not the 90% packet loss! I have so enjoyed follwing along in your most excellent travel adventure. Have a fabulous New Year and a safe trip home!

  2. Nedra Says:

    only you

    i’ve noticed that disaster seems to be right behind you… first the big giant ferris wheel thing getting stuck right after you were there and then a disaster at a Bangkok nightclub. hope you have (well, had) a great new year’s.

  3. Jim Says:

    It’s amazing how far technology has progressed that we can treat a wireless access point like a male-male garden hose adaptor.

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