A river from nowhere.

While others were getting stuck on the Singapore Flyer, I went for a walk up the Singapore River. The river is the source of the history of Singapore. This is where it was turned from a tiny tropical island to a central hub of commerce. Along the river are signs noting which buildings are places are important. The river is also home to major hotels and resorts, and shops, cafes and resturants catering to tourists. I’m not a huge fan of tourist areas. I mean, do you really need to install a bungie slingshot ride and a giant swing ride on the historic river walk? Also, it’s not like I couldn’t go to the “Outback Steakhouse” back home, to say nothing of “Hooters”.

Singapore as a city is very cosmopolitian. There are at least four major ethnic groups, and most people seem to speak English, Chinese, or both. The people seem very tollerant of eachother, seem to work together well. Of course, picking up on these details requires more than just a few days of visiting, but I’m impressed by how much variety there is.
However, as a tourist destiation, Singapore seems to be trying to find itself. Many people have told me that I would see everything in 3 days. I was sure that there was more than 3 days worth, and have been on a mission to prove it.

I followed the river up to it’s “head waters”. It seems that the river dead-ends into a contstruction zone and then dissappears under some buildings, never to be seen again. It was unclear if the construction project was to clear out the river, or fill it in.
The cheesy tourist map I have doesn’t bother to show much more of the island than the tourist traps, so I dead reconed my way back to familiar ground and met my friend for a trip to Little India.
After exploring Little India, we headed back to the tourist area for dinner, and decided to retire early because she had to work the following day.


One Response to “A river from nowhere.”

  1. Nedra Says:

    i wish you’d gone to the hooters just to take pictures of the clientele.

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