Taiwan isn’t a huge island, but it’s large enough that seeing the whole thing in one week isn’t really possible. After spending a two days in Taipei, I headed out to Huanlien to visit Toroko Gorge.
Toroko park is located quite a way outside of town, so walking isn’t possible. Most people take tour busses, but since the option was available to me, I rented a scooter.
I mean, with all the scooters running around town, I just had to try it myself.
You might be interested to know the amount of paperwork required to rent one of these things in Taiwan. I guess that the legal climate here requires that you write your name on the form and hand them $500. So much for initialing seven pages of legal crap.
Learning to drive a scooter wasn’t too bad. It’s kind of like a bicycle. Since it was my first time, I was kind of worried about crashing, but after an hour of riding there, I was ready to dodge huge tour buses on the narrow twisty roads of the gorge.
The place is really beautiful, but unfortunately, I forgot my camera at the hostel! But my loss is your gain, because I took a lot of photos with my iPhone. So while the quality isn’t that great, I at least have quantity.


4 Responses to “Toroko”

  1. Nedra Says:

    wow, it not only looks beautiful but the weather looks quite nice too. T-shirt and a light weight jacket? not bad!

    I can see where $500 might alleviate any legal concerns. šŸ˜‰

  2. spitefulapparatus Says:

    The weather is pretty warm here (about 21C) during the day. The jacket made the scooter ride more comfortable, it got much cooler as I climbed in elevation, and once the sun started to set.

    Keep in mind that’s 500 New Taiwanese Dollars, which is roughly $16 US.

  3. PohlSpoke Says:

    Just caught up on your wanderings. nice! Love the compressed air hand dryer. how obvious. and the repair project -hee, hee. Recent scenery impressive. We’re in Kelseyville – holiday routine. Keep writing!!

  4. Lisa Says:

    pretty…I want to go..

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