Initially, my plan was to avoid western resturants entirely, but then I was told that the McDonald’s menu was sustantially different, so I took a closer look.
Now, I admit that I haven’t been to McDonald’s in almost a year, so I’m not a expert on the menu, but I was only able to identify four items which were common, the Big Mac, the standard burger (with or without cheese), the McChicken (or whatever they are calling a crispy chicken burger these days), and the Fellet-o-Fish. The last two go by different names.
The other items are interesting, there is the Double Big Mac, which has twice the meat and cheese (I don’t know, maybe we have this and I don’t know about it). There is also a Double Quarter Pounder… shouldn’t that just be the Half Pounder? And then there is the weird stuff.
For example, the item I tried was a cheese burger, but instead of a patty was a battered and fried pocket of “white sause” (ingredients unknown) and shrimp. I liked it, but it was pretty small.
One friend of mine told me, before I left, that I would have a hard time finding a dish which did not have some form of sea food as an ingredient. He was right.
Finally, I should point out that the sizes are different here, a large fry is a large fry, but the drinks appear to be downgraded by one size. All things considered, this isn’t a bad thing.


One Response to “mcdonalds”

  1. Jim Says:

    I go to a McDonalds in every new country I visit. I’m not a fan of McDonalds, I just want to see what local items they add to the menu. In NZ they use beet root instead of tomato.

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