More pictures!

I’ve been running around trying to be a tourist, and not updating my blog. I’ve tried to make an effort to take more pictures, so here are a few.

First we have a picture for burrito lovers.

Next we have a picture which goes out to Zima lovers, the product has been found alive and well in Japan.

Then we find the true meaning of Ignoreance; I will never think about it the same way again.

I added some serious tourist pictures too, there is one inside the Asakusa shrine, and another of a giant shoe hanging at the gate of the shrine. These shoes, made of reeds, where once used before wooden shoes became popular (if you remember those days).

Finally, I have a picture of Mos Burger, a Japanese fast food resturant. This place, in addition to serving normal looking McDonalds style burgers, also sells things you will never find in the states. I, of course, chose the weirdest thing on the menu, a tariyaki beef “burger”, with sliced beef soaked in tarikyaki sause, wrapped in lettuce, and placed between two “buns” made of rice. This thing will never make it in the states, it was messy, sticky, fragile, and didn’t tase very good at all. Also, it was the size of a McDonalds Hamburger; if you’ve ever ordered just the plain hamburger on the menu, you know what I’m talking about. I went back and got a mushroom cheese burger, which was like a normal cheese burger, topped with grilled mushrooms in a ginger sause. It was kind of like a hamburger with a hint of stirfry. The patty, on the other hand, could use some work… or maybe it has just been altered for the local pallet. It had the same appearence as McDonald’s “beef”, but either it was lower quality, or there was something else in there, like shrimp. On the otherhand, it’s been a long time since I last had a burger at McDonalds, so maybe the standard has changed.


2 Responses to “More pictures!”

  1. Nedra Says:

    So is “Ignorance: Freedom for Soul” kind of the same as “Ignorance is bliss?”

  2. Jim Says:


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