Oh Noh!

Yesterday I went to a Noh play. It was interesting, and there was some translation which made it easier to follow. One thing about it though, to say that it is slow paced is an understatement. The actors slowly shuffle their feet walking no more than the length of their foot in each step, and the speaking is very slow as well. You could say all of the dialog in the time it takes for the actors to get on stage. I think it harkens to a older time when the world was no so rushed, and an entire evening could be spent telling an entire story. I enjoied it very much.

For those of you whining about photos, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t take any of they play. Attached is a photo of the Christmas lights on display at a nearby shopping area.

Although the Japanese are not particularly religious, they do make a huge deal out of Christmas. I’ve been hearing more holiday music than I think I would if I were back home. I think Christmas is merely an excuse to do shopping, in much the same way as St. Patrick’s day is an excuse to do drinking for us.

I’ve been taking photos with my real camera instead of my camera phone, and it is more difficult to upload those images.


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