I hate technology

For those of you wondering about the wrong words and typos, these are caused by the iPhone’s not quite helpful word completion system. This system is pretty handy when you are using the crappy on screen keyboard, but it is really a pain with my external keyboard.

As for the misspellings, that is all me.

Meanwhile, my external battery pack has broken. I suspect that the dongle-like cord which plugs into the iPhone has some broken wires in it, and as a result, it takes a lot of tweaking of the wire to get it to start charging the phone. However, no sooner has it made a connection then it breaks it again (silently), so the battery pack is completely useless. I need to get my hands on a fine-tipped soldering iron to fix this… as if that could be easily done back home, let alone Japan. Anyone know any electronics people in Japan?


One Response to “I hate technology”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Try to get it fixed when you’re back in Tokyo. Akihabara is the electronics district.

    Post more pics and be sure to say hi to Kyoko for us!

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