Glass blowing

Yesterday I made an excursion to Otaru, a small town on the west coast of Hokkaido. This was the first time that I have seen snow right up to the edge of of the sea. The weather here is cold, but above freezing, most of the snow is left over from a storm last weekend. There is a chance of more snow this weekend, but I don’t think that I will stay in Sapporo any longer, or I won’t have time to see the rest of the country. On today’s agenda is to figure out where I’m going next, go to the famous Raman Alley and order butter raman, and visit the Asahi brewery and the sake museum (I’ve already visited the Sapporo brewery).

Yesterday I gorged myself on sushi at a cute little place where the sushi travels around on a belt, and you just grab anything that appeals to you. It was 130 yen a plate, and I managed to get out of there for 1600 yen or so, which was pretty good considering that I was stuffed.

I was fine with skipping dinner, but the locals started buying us food and drinks at the izakya, so I’m starting to feel like this trip has become a giant eat-athon.


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