I Love Technology

When I started traveling, the only way to get Internet access was via an Internet cafe, the connections were slow, and costs high. Now I find myself in a situation where every place seems to have their own computers, wifi access has been present as well (though not advertised), and most travelers are lugging around a laptop.

My setup is an iPhone connected to folding keyboard (which I hacked together a month before leaving on this trip). This is really nice because it fits in my pocket, connects to wireless networks with ease, and gives me all the ability to take pictures and upload them without hassle. I can even compose offline!

Anyway, my contraption has gathered quite a bit of attention from other travelers. The portability aspect really appeals to them. Yesterday I got my first enquery about it, and today I got four people asking me questions about it.

Here is a picture:


3 Responses to “I Love Technology”

  1. Patricia Says:


  2. lisa Says:

    OKay.. not to be labor the fact that you’re in a beautiful foreign country with a >new< camera.. but all we get are pictures of money and the iPhone.?


  3. Superannie Says:

    I love it, I want one! I hate the non-keyboard on this stupid contraption. It’s the only thing about my Treo that I miss.

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