The Countdown has begun.

I’m making progress on my todo list, 9 items are checked off, and there are 12 remaining. Of couse, I keep adding items, so I feel like i’ll never reach the end.
Below is a photo of my Japan Rail Pass. I was able to walk into the travel agency and have it issued to me in a few minutes. Of course the exchange rate has been working against me, so I feel like I overpaid, but better to have the pass and not have to worry than to be waiting for the sun and moon to align with the currency market.

Not much to report other than that, I’m leaving in 10 days, so I’m really starting to feel the count down.

Meanwhile at work I’m getting a few more last minute projects piled on. Hopefully I’ll be able to crank through that stuff in the 8 working days I have left, but I it’s at the point that if something goes wrong then It could take a lot longer.

This post has also served as a successful test for my ability to take a photo edit it, and publish it online from my phone.


4 Responses to “The Countdown has begun.”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Here’s a pic of our Japan Rail Pass:

    From Thailand and Japan 2008

  2. Patricia Says:

    OK, that didn’t work. Here’s the link:

  3. spitefulapparatus Says:

    Yeah, I should have mentioned that this the coupon which allows me to get a rail pass, not the pass itself. The way this system works is that you can only get these pass coupons outside of Japan. When you arrive in Japan, you must visit an exchange office which will issue you a pass beginning on the date of your choice (provided it’s within 3 months of the issue date on the coupon).

    They sell passes in 7 day units. I’ll be in Japan for 22 days, so I got the 21 day pass. This means that for one day I’m going to pay for travel without using the pass. This day can only be at the beginning or end of the trip, so I’m going to choose the beginning because I’ll arrive at 3:30pm and most of the day will be over (and it will be 10pm Pacific, so I’ll want to sleep), and my flight out is at 6:45pm, so I’ll have more of the day to travel.

  4. Becky Says:

    Looking forward to read more about your trip. I went to Japan and Hong Kong two years ago. It was fun.

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